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Welcome to the Health of All Parrots & Poultry

Here we aim to give all old and new avian owners the chance to keep and maintain a healthy flock or feather friend. Whether it be Nutritional Health, Clipping Wings, Artificial Insemination, Vaccinations, Treating Infections, Injury repairs, Surgical Impacted crop clean, Pain management etc.. 


Avian DNA Testing

DNA TESTING $30.00 per bird

Blood sample are taken & sent off.

PBFD Test (Beak & Feather) $50 per bird.

Please let me know if you suspect this disease as it is highly contagious.

Want to find out if your bird is male or female? I can help. You bring the bird/s to me or I can come to you by appointment as I am a Fulltime Veterinary Nurse.

I take a small blood sample from the foot. I send the sample/s off and receive results back in 2-3 weeks. I then notify you of results once I receive them and email you a copy of certificates. Very simple and quick process. We can offer you a combine deal of PBFD and DNA for $60 per bird.


Wing Clips & Toe Nail Trims

Small Birds

(under Budgie size)

• Wing Clips $5 per bird

• Toe Nail Trims $5 per bird

Medium Birds

(above Budgie size)

• Toe nail trims $10 per bird

• Wing Clips $10 per bird

Large Birds

(above Amazon size)

• Toe nail trims $15 per bird

• Wing Clips $15 per bird

Poultry Wing Clips & Toe Nail clips

• Toe nail trims $10 per bird. 

• Wing Clips $10 per bird 

Deals for 5 or more birds

As a mobile veterinary nurse I always practising routine biosecurity procedures

between flocks and owners working with them. Birds that are housed on the floor and have access to pastures and outdoor areas will have greater exposure to internal and external parasites. For birds housed in these conditions, it is important to have a prevention program in place and treat as required. This helps to minimise physical stress and keep birds in good condition so they can resist disease.

Parasite control, identifying and treating sick birds.

Parasite control starts by regularly checking your birds both on the body and

the environment, regularly inspecting birds for external parasites can give

your birds a happier and healthier life. Spraying or dusting birds thoroughly

with an approved insecticide if you can see lice or mites - spray the shed,

perches and nests thoroughly, making sure the insecticide gets into the

crevices. Cleaning sheds and rotating ranges to prevent worms

regularly checking faecal material for any sign of worms

always checking the label on worming treatments for withholding

periods as some are not suitable for production birds

consulting a veterinarian.


Vaccination can prevent many poultry diseases.

Vaccination can prevent many poultry diseases. Follow a suitable vaccination

program or only buy appropriately vaccinated stock. You can request

vaccination certificates from your supplier when purchasing chicks or pullets.

Poultry vaccinations include:

  • avian encephalomyelitis

  • chicken anaemia

  • egg drop syndrome 76 (EDS 76)

  • fowl cholera

  • fowl pox

  • infectious bronchitis

  • infectious bursal disease

  • infectious coryza

  • infectious laryngotracheitis

  • Marek's disease

  • Newcastle disease.



For breeders of poultry, when vaccinating:

  • always follow the instructions on the label, including storage conditions

  • use disposable syringes and needles

  • discard all unused vaccines, syringes and needles in a proper manner

  • be clean, but never use detergents or disinfectants near vaccination equipment.

  • Do not disinfect skin before vaccinating with fowl pox or Marek's HVT vaccine, as this will kill the vaccine virus.

*Nutritional & behavioural or general advice is FREE*


DNA TESTING - $30 per bird

PBFD TESTING - $50 per bird

DNA & PBFD Combo - $70 per bird 

Parasite Treatment - $5.00

Every Fornight on Saturdays we make call outs to your home. This saves the stress of putting your pets in the car to travel to us. 

Our fees for travel are:

Up to 20kms from Ormeau - $15.00

20-30kms from Ormeau - $20.00

30-40kms from Ormeau - $25.00

If you are outside of the 40km range price will increase. Call out fee is added on top of the services you choose.

Bird Boarding for all birds both small and large i.e.

Indian Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Conures, Lovebirds, Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Macaws, Amazons, Alexandrines and more!

Boarding: You must bring your own cage & supplies.

1 - 4 small birds - $5.00 per day

1 - 3 medium birds - $7.00 per day

1 - 2 large birds - $9.00 per day

If you have additional birds we can offer package deals or if they require a longer stay.

(Please note that we only have limited cages available for hire - you will need to book in to secure your spot)

I can also offer pickup & drop off if you are not in Manly or Wynnum area. Incurs travel fee*

You can also have your birds wings clipped, nails trimmed, mite/lice & worming during their stay with us. We only house birds that do not carry diseases. Our cages are fully cleaned with F10 to ensure no birds get sick.

Images will also be sent to you of their stay.

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